Friday, June 21, 2013

It's been a while

So it's been awhile since my last update.

Well, happen to look up why iPhone laterally inverts photos taken by it's front facing camera and found out it actually does that so that words appear normal on its photos. Think mirror and words on a page and you'll get the idea. Fascinating.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Learning about life

"That dream; this dream; I have so many.
   All of them, all of them,all of them
  You make them possible for me
  You make them possible for me "


What really strikes me in all the episodes of Doraemon I've watched is that there is always one central theme doled out in 15 minute bites. That central theme is inevitably about life - A 15 minute life lesson if you will. And through it all, Doraemon sticks it out with Nobita and attempts to teach him and through him, the audience, about life and how one can live it out better.

I don't know about you,but this episode really takes the cake.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


For this exam I wasn't really expecting alot - just to be able to pass was plenty. And I did pass. For this feat, I'm indebted to my violin teacher and also my piano accompanist for the exam. My accompanist, also a teacher at the school I'm in, basically put me through the paces for the entire aural section. My violin teacher for the past two years also had been a tremendous encouragement and help.

Looking ahead , I guess I'll not be looking to take the next exam anytime soon. Perhaps in a year, or three.

Allegro - Handel
The dotted rhythms had character and the tempo was well-chosen. You played with some energy and idea of the style. Much was accurate but more dynamics variation could have been created and the semiquaver and quaver series of notes tended to be more like triplets.

Non giova il sospirar - Donizetti
You observed the articulation detail and found some of the mood and style. Tone was abit unsteady in places and there were some intonation flaws. The tempo was well-chosen but more could still be made of the dynamics.

Tico-Tico Bird in the Cornmeal
The style was achieved with some feeling of buoyancy and flexibility in the played. Phrases had dynamic shape and there were only brief pitch blemishes. Overall this was an effective account.

Scales and arpeggios
The patterns were known and the keys were sound. There were small pitch places and A minor scale and F# minor arpeggio had more loose pitching. The style had some fluency however.

The outline and some sense of key and pulse were found. This improved as it progressed but there was some loose and rhythm in places.

Aural tests
A and B had only a couple of errors. C was accurate. D was correct apart from some small clapping flaws.